Me and Manute Bol

Here I am meeting Manute Bol at the University of Rochester. There are alot of things that I remember about that night.

The first thing I remember is that even though he was sitting in a wheelchair, he was still taller than me. I especially noticed how long his legs and feet were. Daddy and I talked about how he probably would have to duck down if he was in my room!!

The next thing I remember is watching a video about his basketball career. I remember that he played basketball for the Sixers, Nuggets and Warriors. We watched him block alot of shots and score alot of points!

It was hard to understand what he said because he was from another country. But I do remember hearing him talk about building a school in Sudan. He was doing it because there were 300 kids in his village, but no schools. I thought that was sad because children can’t learn when they don’t have schools. Then he asked us all to help.

I asked him what I could do since I was only six years old. He laughed. He wasn’t sure how to answer. How could he? 😉


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