Trick or Treat with Josiah and Friends! (Updated 10/29)

This Halloween, when you go out trick or treating with your friends, why not do something to help make a difference in Sudan?

Thanks to our new partnership with TerraCycle, you can turn your used candy wrappers – any brand or size – into cash for the school we’re building in Turalei!

If you live in the Rochester, NY area it’s really easy. Just bring us your empty wrappers and we’ll send them in for you. TerraCycle makes a cash donation for every wrapper they receive!

If you live in a different city you can help too! Just read the information about our TerraCycle partnership and contact us with any questions.

Happy Halloween! Trick or Treat!!


We’ve had some people get really excited about “Trick or Treat with Josiah and Friends”:

– One local friend in Rochester made up her own fliers and will be taking them door to door to all her neighbors encouraging them to save their Halloween candy wrappers for us! (If you’d like to do the same we’ve made a flier for you! You can download it here.)

– We had a whole school join us as well! Students at the Waterloo Middle School in Waterloo, NY will be collecting wrappers this Halloween to help us raise money!

You guys are awesome, keep up the great work!


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