Josiah and Friends presents “SUDAN!”

I wrote a song about our school building project with my friend Tom Lake of the band Ju-Jajuba. It’s a really fun song that’s great to clap and sing along to!

To celebrate South Sudan’s July 9th independence we are selling the song online to help raise money to build the school. Every dollar that’s donated goes to Sudan Sunrise to help provide an education to kids in Southern Sudan!

The song will be available for digital download below. If you would like a CD copy please email us at


Crisis in Turalei

Hello everyone. Here is the most recent letter from our friend Tom Prichard regarding the emergency situation in Turalei, the village where our school is being built.

Please take the time to read it and help us meet this urgent need!

Dear Friends of Sudan Sunrise,

Due to the May 21st  attack by the Government of Sudan on Abyei, there are now 15,000 refugees in Turalei, Manute Bol’s hometown and the location of the primary school.  Two days after the attack, refugees from Abyei began arriving in Turalei on foot, hungry, exhausted and devastated.  Almost immediately the stock of food in Turalei was depleted, along with gasoline and other necessities.

The UN responded quickly and has begun to provide food to the refugees and plastic sheeting for rudimentary shelters.

Even before the attack on Abyei, the permanent enrollment at the school had exploded from 350 students in April, to 700 students in May, due to Southern Sudanese returnees relocating to the South prior to the July 9th Independence.

In the days after the attack on Abyei the school provided shelter for children, many of whom had been separated from their families.  To maintain a semblance of normalcy during this crisis the school has remained open and continues to function, despite the extreme overcrowding.  Fortunately, the school is providing not only an education for these 700 children, but also water and a free lunch.

I am writing to ask for your help.  There is an urgent need for five more classrooms, a permanent kitchen and a large pavilion.  We need these  additional facilities not only because the permanent enrollment in the school has doubled, but also because the school is now serving the wider community in this refugee crisis.

The children in Turalei have so little.  I ask you to make a special gift on their behalf so that we can provide the children with adequate classrooms, so that even in the midst of this crisis they can receive the gift of education, food and stability.  We can’t fix the situation, but we can help this school be a shining light of hope.

May God bless the children, all who are touched by this crisis, and all who labor to come to their aid.

With deep gratitude to you and your partnership in this effort,

Tom Prichard
Executive Director
Sudan Sunrise

Video: Update on the school

Hey guys!

Our friend Tom Prichard of Sudan Sunrise recently took a trip to visit our school. Here’s a video showing some of the challenges the school has been facing in recent months.

It’s so cool to see all the kids we’re helping with this school. Thanks to your support they’re not only getting an education, but also clean drinking water and a healthy meal each day!

Help make life better for girls in Sudan!

Today is International Women’s Day. It’s a day when we celebrate the all the great things women have done. It’s also a day when we think about ways we can help make things better for women all over the world.

One way you can do something today to help girls in Sudan would be to make a donation to our school.

Did you know that in Southern Sudan nearly 85% of the people are illiterate? What’s even worse is that less than 1% of all girls in that region complete elementary school. Because they aren’t getting a good education, they can’t help make life better for their families and communities!

By making a donation today you can help make life better for girls in one of the world’s poorest countries. What a great way to show thanks for everything you have and to give back to others!

Josiah and Friends – One Year Later

Just in time for Christmas!

Christmas is the season of giving and there’s no greater gift you can give a child than the gift of education! So hang something special on your Christmas tree this year and help us build schools in Sudan in the process.

These hand-made porcelain ornaments can be purchased at our Cafe Press store and all of the profits are donated to help build our school. If you order now you should receive them just in time for decorating your tree this year!


Our first year.

Today is the one year anniversary of Josiah and Friends!

When I asked Manute Bol what I could do to help him build schools in Sudan, I don’t think any of us could have imagined what would happen in just one year.

We held an art auction. We were on TV a bunch of times. We did a mini-golf fundraiser. I wrote a song about Sudan with my friend Tom. But the best part is that we’ve raised over $3,325 to help build a school in Turalei, a small village in Southern Sudan!

When we began this project the school had just three rooms with no roof. Now it is almost done with six classrooms, a solar-powered well for fresh water, and these kids are getting a nutritious meal every single school day!

I want to thank you all for your support. We couldn’t have done this without you. We still have a ways to go so let’s work together and keep going!