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Thanks Abel!

Last weekend my friend Abel sold lemonade at his lemonade stand and donated the money he made to help build our school. He raised $11.85. Not bad for a couple hours of work. Every little bit helps!

Maybe next summer we’ll invite more of our friends to help raise money with a lemonade stand. Great idea Abel!


Help make life better for girls in Sudan!

Today is International Women’s Day. It’s a day when we celebrate the all the great things women have done. It’s also a day when we think about ways we can help make things better for women all over the world.

One way you can do something today to help girls in Sudan would be to make a donation to our school.

Did you know that in Southern Sudan nearly 85% of the people are illiterate? What’s even worse is that less than 1% of all girls in that region complete elementary school. Because they aren’t getting a good education, they can’t help make life better for their families and communities!

By making a donation today you can help make life better for girls in one of the world’s poorest countries. What a great way to show thanks for everything you have and to give back to others!

An update on the school!

Great news everyone! We recently received an update on the school from our friend Tom Prichard of Sudan Sunrise. Here’s what he said:

Because of your generous help I have wonderful news on the progress of Manute’s first school in his home town of Turalei. The second three-classroom building has been completed, so the school now has six classes (two grades still have class under a tree, as weather permits).

Thanks to a fantastic gift from Franklin Electric, the world’s biggest manufacturer of pumps, the school now has a solar powered submersible water pump, with a tower and a 5,000 liter tank!  That means the 400 children at the school now just turn the tap to get clean drinking water!

In addition, because of the progress of the school, the World Food Program is now providing each student a free, nutritious and filling meal every school day! Think about that for a moment…these 400 children now have classrooms, clean water and a filling meal! It brings tears to my eyes to think about the difference this is making in their lives.

Manute’s nephew, Mayom Majok, who lives in Chicago, stayed in Turalei after Manute’s burial to oversee the completion of this phase of the construction. The sacrifice made by Mayom and his family has made it possible to make such great progress, despite the rainy season.  We are working on plans for the final phase of this school using what we have learned to build the most cost effective structure.

Thanks for all your help, our work together is really making a difference! You guys are awesome and I’m really proud of you. Let’s keep going!

We’re SO CLOSE to $3,000!!

Can you believe that we’re almost to $3,000 already? When we started this eight months ago I thought we would only get a few hundred dollars!

We only need a little bit more to reach our next goal.

If you’ve already donated, please consider donating again. If you can’t give today, maybe you can tell your friends about what we’re doing. These kids are counting on us so let’s keep going!

Donate today!

To write a song …

To write a song
2 Parts

1. The Music
2. The Words

I’m writing a song!

My friend Tom came over so we could begin writing a song about our school building project. When it’s all over we’re going to use the song to help us raise money for the school.

We just got started … here’s s sneak peek!

Please pray for Manute Bol

The following update came in yesterday from our friend Tom Prichard of Sudan Sunrise.

Sudan Sunrise friend and Sudanese hero Manute Bol has been hospitalized in northern Virginia and diagnosed with acute kidney failure and Stevens-Johnson Syndrome.

Manute returned to the U.S. from Sudan on Wednesday, May 12th, but was not able to complete his journey home to Olathe, Kansas. Manute had postponed much-needed medical care in order to stayin Sudan to help with the recent and very important elections.

Manute has recieved two dialysis treatments, and his blood levels are beginning to improve. In addition, he is suffering from Stevens – Johnson Syndrome, a serious skin disorder probably caused by a reaction to medication given to him in Kenya. (Learn more about Stevens-Johnson Syndrome.)

Manute has terrible sores in his mouth, which prevented him from eating for the past eleven days. The skin disorder has caused him great pain and itching all over his body, and in some areas the top layers of skin are detaching from the lower layers. He is in Critical Care, being given morphine today for pain. He may be moved to a burn unit to better treat the skin disorder.

This is a very difficult time for Manute and for all of his family. They deeply appreciate everyone’s prayers and concern. Let us pray for him to have a speedy and full recovery.

We will post very limited information on Manute’s health at our website www.sudansunrise.org and more frequent updates on the Facebook group “Manute Bol, get well soon“.