The Cause

The goal of Josiah and Friends is to raise awareness and financial support for Manute Bol’s school building project through Sudan Sunrise.

Here is the mission and vision of the organization:

Sudan Sunrise is a movement of Americans and Sudanese Christians and Muslims working to achieve reconciliation,unity and the end of oppression in Sudan.

Through grassroots reconciliation,education and community building,we lift up examples of peace and forgiveness between former enemies as alternatives to the history of violence in Sudan.

In February of 2008 Manute visited his former village in Sudan, which he had left to play basketball in America in 1983. He noticed that there were over 300 school children in his village, but no school building. When they could, the children would study under a tree in the center of the village. However, this would prove impossible during the country’s raining season which extends from May through October.

Manute promised his village that he would raise the money needed to build them a school. Three classrooms were completed in May of 2009, but there are still over 100 students who have to meet outside until more classrooms are built.

Once Manute finishes this project he hopes to build another forty schools throughout Southern Sudan.


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